About Us

About ACK St. Julian's Centre Limuru

ACK St. Julian’s Centre is a Christian institution offering a quite, peaceful and serene atmosphere, located in the cool green highlands away from the hustle of the city. Our story dates back to 1951 when St. Julian’s centre was established as a dairy farm built by Sir Michael and Lady Susan Wood-the founder of the Flying Doctor Service. It was later taken by a group of Anglican sisters (The community of sisters of St. Julian’s of England). In 1979, the sisters sold the center to the Anglican Churches of Kenya after they decided to return back to England. Since then the Centre has been used by the Church as a recreational facility.

St. Julian’s is now a state of the art facility open for indoor and outdoor recreational activities, seminars and conferences for organizations’ and families. You will enjoy our massive green shaded and open gardens, state of the art accommodation facilities, variety of gourmet dishes and drinks from our world class catering teams. You will fall in love with the ambience. We are committed to provide a serene environment for rest and recreation for all clients. We also aim to use the center to spread the gospel as directed by our Lord Jesus Christ-Matthew 28:18, 19.

More About ACK St. Julian’s Centre? Visit the centre to enjoy its entrapment.

Our Vision

To create opportunity for rest, restoration and empowerment.

Our Mission

To strengthen the body of Christ for groups and individuals through efficient service and hospitality, enabling them to grow in faith and live life in its fullness.